Which Security Issues Are Managed By A Home Security System?

Security Company Orlando FL

Security companies in Orlando, Florida are capable of neutralizing threats around the house with a number of different techniques, and they will help their clients use methods to stop intruders, prevent fire loss, and monitor the home carefully. A security company in Florida must do much more than simply install a keypad that sets off a loud alarm when it is tripped. The system must be much more complex, and the system will prevent much more than a standard break-in.


Home intrusions are terrifying experiences that may be minimized with a security sign in the yard. Security companies in Orlando know that they must ensure the home is monitored at all times, and they must alert criminals to the security system. Intrusions are caught on camera, and they will set off sensors that are installed on the windows and doors.

Fire Loss

The fire alarm attached to a security system will help set off sprinklers if they have been installed, and the system will contact the local fire department. Security companies in Orlando use fire alarms to minimize damage, and the homeowner will see instant action when a fire occurs. An integrated fire alarm will help the homeowner even in the middle of the night when they are not aware of the fire.

Video Monitoring

There are many thieves who do not intrude in the home so much as they sneak in. They must be caught on camera, and the video footage may be used to capture them. Guests and family members who are not trustworthy will be caught on camera stealing, and the footage is fed to a monitor the homeowner selected for their bedroom, living room or office. Video monitoring may be used if the homeowner has a front gate, and a camera may be placed at the front door for a clearer view of all visitors.

Access Control

Access control in the house may be tied to the security system through keycards and keypads. Only members of the family or invited guests may get through the front door, and the keypads will use codes that allow for entry, alert the authorities in the event of an emergency, or trip the alarm automatically. Specialized access control prevents the copying of keys by criminals who will enter when they like.

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