Can I Connect My CCTV to My Mobile?

Security System from phone

CCTV security systems, or closed-circuit TV systems, use cameras that are either hardwired to the system or wirelessly feed data into the system. The most modern equipment tends to be wireless and will feed information to the system through the router. Whether your system is hardwired or wireless, you can always watch CCTV security systems via a mobile phone.

For the old-fashioned, hardwired versions, you are likely to be streaming your feeds into a DVR or digital video recording device. That means that you are going to be able to configure that DVR to talk to your home or business router. Using a simple set of shortcuts and protocols, you can then get the DVR to stream to your Wi-Fi, and from there you can access the information on your mobile device. There are a few ways that this can work, and it can be quite “buggy.” If you are still running a system that does not stream data but instead sends it to a DVR, it can work.

This is why it is best to work with experts who can set up your CCTV security systems through a smart device and supply you with an app that allows you to access the feeds from the cameras at any time. For home or business owners in the Jacksonville, FL area, Security Center USA is a trusted name in premium security. Working with their experts, you can choose the right locations for your CCTV cameras and then have them set up to allow you to watch them from a security monitor as well as your mobile.

Why would you want to watch CCTV security systems via mobile? There are many valid reasons for doing so. For example, your cameras may be able to alert you to movement at the back of a business. If this occurs after hours, you’ll want to be able to check on the camera and see if it is just some wildlife or some criminals with ill intent. If you want to monitor your residential CCTV feeds from a mobile, it could be to ensure that your home is safe, your kids or pets are happily inside, and that nothing is wrong.

There are many, many reasons to want to check in on your security when you are away from home or the office. Enabling your CCTV system to be accessible via a mobile device is a great way to do so.