4 Do’s and Don’ts of Installing a Commercial Alarm System

Commercial Alarm System

Choosing a commercial alarm system to protect your business could be the best investment that you ever make. From protecting your inventory to securing your data and even your staff, a security system can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your business cares for 24 hours a day and that you can rest easy knowing it is in good hands.

Educate Yourself

Before installing any system to your business, you will want to do your homework and know the many different varieties of security systems on the market today. From broadband operated systems to cellular ran alarms, you have a variety of options at your fingertips, and in Jacksonville FL your favorite local security pros can help you to discover which system is right for your company.

Don’t Choose a Cookie Cutter System

There is no one size fits all when it comes to a commercial alarm system. From square footage to special concerns, your business will be unlike any other business when it comes to the protection it requires. From entry points to motion detection and more, make sure that your system is adequate and that you never have to worry about the wrong person entering into your buildings.

Don’t Forget the Obvious

Before you have your alarm installed you will want to provide a backup power source and also hide your alarm components in an out of the way area. Keeping this in an unusual area will make it more difficult for even seasoned thiefs who are familiar with disarming systems. Take note to also up the lighting in your outdoor areas. Well-lit businesses deter criminals from picking them out as a target on their list.

Install Multiple Zones and Keypads

There may be different levels of security in general at your business – for instance, different areas may have different clearance and house more valuable data. In addition, you may have several different shifts or people coming and going at odd intervals. Having different keypads allows you to control different areas individually. This way, night shift doesn’t set off your motion detectors if they happen to overlap with day-shift during crunch time.

A security system can be the difference between a safe business and a business that is left picking up the pieces. Contact Security USA today to learn more about how a commercial alarm system can change your business and protect your many assets.