What is a Smart Lock?

If you have a well-made traditional front door lock, you may think that is good enough when it comes to secure entry into your home. In truth, this type of door lock has been used and perfected for centuries and can do the job of keeping your home safe. However, a home security system including a smart lock in Atlantic Beach, FL, might be the perfect upgrade for your home.

Why Consider a Smart Lock?

Let’s look at an example. You’re coming home, and you have groceries in both arms. You know you’ll need to dig in your pocket for the key, which involves setting down the groceries, manually unlocking the door, and then getting those groceries situated again. What if, instead of all this, your door could recognize you by your smartphone and unlock automatically? That’s exactly what a smart lock can do. You can also let in service providers when you aren’t home or shoot them a code, so they can unlock the house on their own.

With a smart lock, you get all of these features and more due to wireless technology, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and get a home security system today. You can do fine with your regular lock, but it does mean that a smart lock can make life a lot easier in some respects.

Open the Door with Ease

After your smartphone has been paired to a newly installed smart lock, you can come in and out without ever using a key. Some locks can be opened by waving your smartphone at the lock, touching the lock with a finger, pressing a button on an app, approaching the door, or just talking to the lock. Some of the locks also bolt the door behind you when you leave.

On top of that, smart lock apps let you send codes or “keys” to others so they can get inside the home for a certain period of time. It can also text you when someone comes in or out and keep a history of who has been by. With a video doorbell, you can even let in unexpected visitors using video chat.

There are tons of reasons to consider a smart lock and having one installed as part of a security system is an excellent option. At Security Center USA, we can help you install and use the new lock. To learn more about our services, you can visit www.SecurityCenterUSA.com.